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Plan with precision.
Execute to perfection.
Collaborate with clarity.

Plan and launch targeted in-store POP campaigns, digital campaigns and product planograms

  • Allocate marketing collateral and product to fixtures quickly  and easily with the easy drag and drop technique

  • Maintain and build a product library of product SKUs with sales data and inventory locations for smart planogramming

  • Allocate marketing and product campaigns by store, store type, store location or store profiling

  • Deliver output requirements for creative, print, distribution and merchandise teams

  • Provide clear merchandising  instructions for your stores

  • Schedule digital campaigns in real time instantly to one, some or all stores

Lots of retailers struggle with the challenge of getting the right poster or product to the right store in the right quantity, only to find the store put the poster or product in the incorrect place. Experience and results prove that in-store marketing communications converts shoppers into buyers. But you have to get it right.

Retailers have a myriad of people juggling spreadsheets, ordering copious amounts of marketing print with specific messages for certain stores only for it to fall down on compliance. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to replace time-consuming guesswork with smart, fast marketing deployment.

Optimum Retailing empowers businesses to manage and deploy in-store marketing, product, compliance and communication quickly and accurately. Trusted by head offices and their stores around the world, there is nothing quite like it. And it delivers results.​

Does your retail business need:

  • intuitive visual aids and a cost saving platform

  • reduced staffing costs, better accountability, and more consistency of in-store programs, locally, regionally and nationally

  • less repetition and more creativity

  • user-friendly automation freeing up time and resources

  • better conversion and return on marketing investment



Centralise and manage all of your store floor plans, fixtures and profiles

Store Floor Plan.jpeg
  • Import architectural floor plans and file against each store in Optimum Retailing

  • View and manage store classification categories and segmentation

  • Maintain and build on store characteristics allowing you to deploy a campaign based on store profiles

  • Catalogue your fixtures in Optimum Retailing and know exactly what fixtures you have in each store

  • Centralise all property repairs and maintenance

Communicate with your stores easily and effectively

  • Built in two way communication tool allowing stores to message the correct personnel and watch the status of their request

  • Share critical information with all stores or certain stores as announcements, directives, alerts or document  and video sharing for training

  • Deploy merchandising surveys and easily collate feedback with photos

  • Simplify store comms for efficient, effective campaign implementation in-store

Generate compliance and cost reports by store or region

  • Manage campaign compliance, vendor and partner campaigns, operational management and campaign availability

  • More visibility means more accountability and higher compliance levels

  • Examine data and analytics to gain effective and efficient improvements in marketing comms and marketing operations

Plan, schedule and deploy digital content and menu boards without the need for third party networks or media players. Once content has been deployed via Optimum Retailing, stores can easily and directly confirm their content or report any issues

With Optimum Retailing, you can optimise your merchandising with intelligence by providing your stores with a holistic view of their displays

Day-to-day maintenance issues can distract from store sales. With Optimum Retailing, stores can notify headquarters of issues such as broken fixtures, missing hardware, or reorder supplies through the software


Optimum Retailing empowers the world's largest brands to do more


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Efficient Marketing Operations
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