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Defined Go To Market.
Efficient Marketing Ops.
A Breath of Fresh Air.

Customer Journey Experience

The customer journey experience, and which journeys matter most to both the customer and business performance, is our expertise.​

We review and assess the context and business and draw our inspiration from the point of intersection of people, possibilities and performance.​

  • People (The Human Context) - the criteria for what customers and staff expect, need and desire​

  • Possibilities (The Practical Context) - the measures of what’s functionally appropriate, technologically feasible and economically viable​

  • Performance (The Business Context) - the objectives for the business, brand or space and the opportunities of the market in which it is operating​

We then ideate to stimulate new thinking, challenge preconceptions and generate, develop and test ideas.​

Finally, we implement to bring strategically-sound ideas from the page and into customers’ lives.​

We can be a breath of fresh air!

O2 diagram.jpg

Go To Market Process

Retailers are constantly sprinting a marathon. Trying to outsmart the competition, trying to be better, stronger and more profitable – and trying to do more with less.


Is your Go To Market process a sound, robust process that everyone knows their role in and why?

Do you feel your team members are working collaboratively on the same output goal?


If not let us in under your hood:

With our 25+ years of retail experience in a cross-section of sectors we have experienced the pain points in retail that work against connected customer journeys - internally and externally, and also experienced best-in-class delivery of retail operations. We want to share this knowledge with as many retailers as possible to deliver on our goal of raising the standards of retail in NZ.


At RetailO2 we work with retailers to optimise their marketing ops, merchandise and customer experience systems and processes, we also scour the world to offer fit-for-purpose retail management solutions and implement this tech where we see fit.

If you feel your Go To Market process is less than ideal then please contact us for a review.

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